Fireplace – Installation and Service

Fireplace – Installation and Service

Gas fireplaces provide a comfortable, relaxing and therapeutic addition to your living space. They add value to your home and are a safe and convenient alternative to traditional wood burning fireplaces or expensive electrics.

APS provides full service and installion of all direct and natural vent fireplaces from Continental and Kinsman. We install fireplaces in variety of styles and designs, from the rustic and traditional to the modern and contemporary.

When selecting a fireplace it is important to decide on whether a direct vent or a natural vent fireplace is more appropriate for your living space. Our technicians would be more than happy to sit down with you and help you make a selection based on your budget, tastes and placement.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces
Direct vent gas fireplaces homeowners freedom to install safe and reliable fireplaces in locations that were previously inaccessible.

These fireplaces use a duel chamber vent which both draws in fresh air and vents out exhaust from the outdoors. This creates a sealed air system for your fireplace which allows for tremendous choice for the placement of your fireplace by removing the need for a traditional chimney. The fireplace can be vented vertically through the roof or horizontally through a sidewall (great for when an appliance is installed on an outside wall).

This sealed air system is safer, as the inside air quality of your home will not be compromised by your fireplace. It is also more energy efficient as your fireplace will not be consuming the warm air within your house and will not be competing with other appliances and furnaces for combustion air. Also, a direct vent fireplace will eliminate drafts and heat loss associated with other types of fireplaces.

One of the only restrictions is that direct vent fireplace is usually limited to a length of 40ft (with a maximum horizontal length of 20ft) that will allow an appliance to function properly.

Natural Vent Gas Fireplaces

Natural Vent fireplaces are great for those looking to utilize an existing chimney. Unlike direct vent fireplaces, natural vent gas fireplaces take in combustion air from within the home and vents products of combustion outside the home. A single air cooled pipe (B-vent) or gas flex liner exhausts combustion by-products to the outside of your home.

B-vent models must vent above the roof line and are an economical choice when you choose to vent straight up through an existing chimney. As well, natural vent fireplaces are not as restricted in venting length as compared to direct vent fireplaces and can utilize existing chimney systems by running gas flex liner into existing chimneys.

We’re your direct vent and natural vent service experts. If you have questions, contact us. We will be happy to help you in all of your fireplace needs.

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